Our material on the Industrial Archaeology of Snowdonia and Anglesey is now published on a separate page of this website 

    This page will include a miscellany of other topics relating to north-west Wales which do not fit in directly with the above.

    Firstly, the bus services in the area seem to have received very little attention from writers and historians compared to most other parts of the U.K. In the 1960s these were normally associated with the large operator Crosville Motor Services. However, one of the fascinating aspects of the slate-quarrying districts was the multiplicity of small private operators which co-existed alongside the nationalised concern. 

   I put together my sketchy notes of that period, together with a few photographs and snippets of information from such sources as "Buses Illustrated" magazine, in the file below. This has now been developed further with much information from contemporary PSV Circle newsletters,from members of the Greater Manchester Transport Society and from Richard Ward of the Omnibus Society. The vehicle details (of over 600, with more than 60 operators!) are in a separate, searchable database, last updated 12th July 2014. I would welcome any corrections, additions, sight of any photographs etc to enable a fully comprehensive survey to be built up......      

Bangor Area Buses KAJ.pdf Bangor Area Buses KAJ.pdf
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Bangor Area buses web version.xls Bangor Area buses web version.xls
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     The history of the Dinorwic Slate Quarry Co and its railways and tramways has fascinated me since I first visited in 1966. After the company went into liquidation and the quarry closed in 1969, surviving records were deposited at the then Caernarvonshire County Record Office in Caernarvon.  We spent many happy hours there collating the new information, resulting in a two-part article in the "Railway Magazine" issues of August and September 1974, reproduced here......  

RM 1974 Dinorwic Article part 1.pdf RM 1974 Dinorwic Article part 1.pdf
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RM 1974 Dinorwic Article part 2.pdf RM 1974 Dinorwic Article part 2.pdf
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     A previous article describing our move of the Dinorwic 1848-built steam locomotive "Fire Queen" from the quarry to Penrhyn Castle Railway Museum is reproduced here.....  

RM March 1970 An Engine For Christmas.pdf RM March 1970 An Engine For Christmas.pdf
Size : 2088.089 Kb
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   The "Fire Queen" was built by one Alfred Horlock at his engineering works in Northfleet, Kent. We also know that the then owner of Dinorwic Quarries, Thomas Assheton-Smith esq. was friendly with a Knightley Horlock, best known as a fox-hunting commentator and master of hounds under the pen-name "Scrutator", who was born in Wiltshire. So what, if any, was the connection between the two Horlocks?  Here we investigate the lives of both these men, but still cannot find any definite link between them......  

Dinorwic - The Horlock connection.pdf Dinorwic - The Horlock connection.pdf
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The Dinorwic Quarry Hospital

    This short article was written to commemorate the restoration and re-opening to the public of the former Dinorwic Quarry Hospital building........ 

The Dinorwic Quarry Hospital.pdf The Dinorwic Quarry Hospital.pdf
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