All of the post-1958 photographs on this site are our own, and those between around 1930 and 1958 are from our family collections, mainly taken by my father. They have been reduced in resolution to suit; we can supply high-resolution copies for private use on request, and will consider proposals for any commercial use.

    We have used a few additional older images to illustrate specific subjects where no other suitable material could be found. They have all been published freely many times elsewhere and as far as we know, there is no copyright restriction on them; if anyone has any further information, advice or comments, we would be pleased to have this.  There are still some gaps; if anyone has suitable images which they would like published as part of our articles, we would be glad to do so, with due acknowledgment.


   19th century and earlier lithographic prints are from the collection of our good friend Jonathan Riddell, reproduced here with his permission. Here is a link to his website......


    The maps are mainly extracts from the Ordnance Survey 1:2500 ("25 inch to 1 mile") large-scale editions of 1840-1920, which are Crown Copyright and reproduced here with permission. 




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